Receptive Tour Operators are defined as United States-based companies which specialize in creating, marketing, and selling United States travel products to International Inbound travelers. Receptive Tour Operators have unique knowledge of the countries they serve and of the destinations they sell. A Tour Operator shall be considered a Receptive when the majority of its revenue is derived from Inbound International travelers to the United States.
Member Categories

Regular Members

Companies engaged in the management of receptive tour services that are a registered U.S. corporation, partnership, or company engaged primarily in providing wholesale receptive services to non-U.S. members of the travel industry.

Associate Members

Organizations such as government agencies, educational institutions, domestic tour companies, travel trade associations and firms engaged in selling products or services to receptive tour operators.

Sustaining Members

Sustaining membership is open to associate (supplier) members of the association. RSAA Sustaining Membership increases your role and visibility within the association with additional exposure and a position on the RSAA Advisory Board.

International Members

Tour operators, located outside the U.S., that sell product to the U.S. are eligible for international membership. In addition, entities that promote travel to the U.S. (and are located outside the U.S.) are eligible for international membership.

Industry Service Providers

Industry Services Providers are companies that provide non-travel goods and services used by receptive operators and/or Associate Members in conducting their normal business activities. These goods and services may include accounting, legal, printing, insurance, advertising, technical and similar other goods and services.


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