Receptive Tour Operators are defined as United States-based companies which specialize in creating, marketing, and selling United States travel products to International Inbound travelers. Receptive Tour Operators have unique knowledge of the countries they serve and of the destinations they sell. A Tour Operator shall be considered a Receptive when the majority of its revenue is derived from Inbound International travelers to the United States.
What is RSAA?

Beginning as RSA in 1991, the Receptive Services Association was formed to bring together all of the major receptive tour operators and suppliers in  the New York and New Jersey region. As a result of continuing interest and growth from across the country, RSA grew into a national organization.

Ever expanding its reach and influence, RSA joined forces with ITSA, the International Travel Services Association to form RSAA in September, 2004. ITSA was formed and founded in 1993, by receptive tour operators and destination management companies to create a united voice to address issues of importance, educational opportunities, and networking with new business partners.

Today, RSAA represents the international inbound industry in the United States. RSAA is involved in a wide range of industry activities, focusing on working with suppliers, regulatory agencies and travel promotion bureaus to improve the quality of travel related services for foreign visitors.

RSAA also addresses economic and public policy issues affecting tourism at local, state, and federal levels. The association is interested in building awareness of the unique role receptives play in linking suppliers from all parts of the United States with the global travel industry. Furthermore, international outbound operators, as well as international entities that promote travel to the United States, are eligible for membership in RSAA. More than ever, RSAA serves as the bridge to international inbound business.

RSAA is committed to serving the needs of its members and to furthering the industry as a whole. Through the participation of its members at the board and committee level, new programs and resources are developed providing value to both receptives and suppliers alike. These include suggested industry contacts between receptives and suppliers.

RSAA's mission is:

To serve as the voice of the U.S. inbound travel industry, promote professional excellence, and create a collaborative atmosphere for all companies and entities involved in the U.S. inbound travel industry.


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